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Derek Dooley at Vandy

NASHVILLE - I grew up in Nashville. Not a Vanderbilt fan, not a Tennessee fan. Returning to my hometown to cover sports is one of the perks of my job. The trip turned out to be not quite as pleasant for the Volunteers on Saturday evening.

Out of all the photos I took throughout the game, one that stood out to the editors and to me was of Coach Derek Dooley pulling linebacker Jacques Smith off the field as a play started. I am not sure who misunderstood, but as Smith started to run on to the field, Dooley grabbed him to pull him off just as the play went under way. The struggle and confusion seemed to sum up the evening.

With only one more game left in the season and no bowl eligibility in site, the Vols will have to slog it out against the only team in a worst situation than them in the SEC, the 2-9 Kentucky Wildcats.

- Amy Smotherman Burgess

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